Let's make lemonade out of lemons!

Updated: Mar 24

I can't believe my first blog post is being written at this surreal time in our lives but I've decided to make #lemonadeoutoflemons with so much time on my hands. I'm finally getting to tackle the many To-Do

lists that sit on my desk/phone/computer (anyone else struggle having it all in one place?) and start ticking off those long overdue items.

I'll be honest with you, blogging doesn't come naturally to me but it's an important way to engage with clients so I've decided to start with something fun. I hope you're all staying safe, sane and healthy during this challenging time and I'm holding on to the belief we'll get through this and that it won't be too long before we can be with each other again, less than 6' away!

In the spirit of family fun, how about 'joining' us for an old-fashioned family board game night tomorrow (my birthday). A Scrabble challenge is underway in our home!

Here's how it works:

1. Tomorrow (Sunday 22nd), pick a time between dinner and bedtime.

2. UNPLUG! No TV, radio, computers, phones, etc. Encourage everyone to put phones in another room, on silent if need be.

3. Sit/snuggle up together and play a board or card game and include treats (right now ours includes wine!).

4. Snap a picture of your time together and share it on your Instagram/Facebook feeds, or with just friends and family if you don't use social media. Use hashtag #familygamenight and/or #lemonadeoutoflemons to inspire and encourage others. ❤️

Have fun, and we'll "see" you tomorrow night for my birthday celebration!



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